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The Padres en Acción/Parents in Action program engages parents as active leaders, volunteers and advocates in their children’s lives providing a direct impact in the attitudes and behaviors of their families. The program begins with a 6 class series for parents that covers topics in nutrition, physical activity, parent engagement, and advocacy. Following the 6-session of classes, this core group of parents then begins as volunteers on the playground, 3-days per week.  The PEA group provides consistent, long term physical activity and health education opportunities for students and parents throughout the year.

Parent education and leadership development continues throughout the school year.  Each school community selects from among various health topics that are pertinent to their needs including:  access to healthcare, shopping on a budget, mental health 101, nutrition, physical activity, mindful moving, financial health, and more.

  • Parent Education and leadership development classes
  • Educational materials: workbook, videos, powerpoints, recipes, demonstrations
  • Hands-on experience for parents and students in an active recess program that takes place 3 days per week.

Padres En Acción, is currently implemented in elementary schools in Anaheim Elementary School District, Buena Park, Fullerton, Garden Grove, La Habra, Magnolia, Santa Ana, Newport-Mesa, Saddleback Valley and Tustin Unified School Districts.

The program is replicable in most school environments, currently operating in 52 schools throughout Orange County.

For more information or to bring the program to your school site, please contact us at:
949-302-7920 or [email protected]