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Join the Cooking up Change® Outreach Committee

Help plan and organize the 2015 Cooking up Change® event! 
 The Outreach Committee works together to develop the overall details of the event including: marketing and promotion, ticket sales, entertainment, silent auction, and volunteer recruitment.

Become a Professional Chef Mentor

  • Work one-on-one with a student team- Meet with the team a minimum of three times per month leading up to the contest in April 2015.
  • Share your experience with students- Discuss culinary career paths and personal experiences and insight into the profession.
  • Assist the team with recipe drafting- Serve as a sounding board for recipe ideas and/or troubleshooting.
  • Prepare the team for competition- Provide tips on presenting to the judges, help team polish their recipe and presentation.
  • Attend Cooking up Change- Help your team prepare for the judging process and cheer them on during the competition.

To join the Outreach Committee or become a Chef Mentor, please contact: Kelsey Markland at [email protected]