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After their 1st place finish in the Greater OC competition, Valley HS wins 1st Place in the National Cooking up Change finals

After their 1st place finish in the Greater OC competition, Valley HS wins 1st Place in the National Cooking up Change finals


Experience the Next Generation of School Food: Cooking up Change®-Greater Orange County, April 25, 2019 at Northgate Gonzalez Market Headquarters

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Taste and see how far school food has come.  Cooking up Change® challenges high school students to create healthy, great tasting meals that meet the real life requirements of the national school meal program.  It serves up life changing opportunities for students to transform the school lunch menu, develop valuable culinary arts skills, & become leaders in school food reform.

In collaboration with culinary instructors and chef mentors students gain knowledge in careers as a chef or in the field of nutrition sciences. Each student team is challenged to create a new lunch menu following the high standards school food service professionals face everyday, including: utilizing only ingredients commonly found in a school cafeteria, a budget of $1.50 per serving, all while making it creative, great tasting and nutritious.

Each team presents their meal to an esteemed panel of judges and are rated on originality, taste, appearance and presentation, The winning teams receive prizes, scholarships and are given the opportunity to speak one on one with their Congressional and Senate Representatives, regional and state advocacy groups to share their views & advocate for healthier, tastier school lunches.

This event is part of Healthy Schools Campaign’s National Cooking up Change® Series.

  • Education in nutrition, meal-planning, meal budgeting, food resourcing, USDA dietary guidelines, and public speaking
  • Hands on training with a professional chef mentor
  • Participation in a regional and national cooking contest
  • Opportunity to receive scholarships for higher education
  • Opportunity to gain internships with local restaurant and food service professionals

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Kid Healthy’s programs intentionally reach youth in low-income communities of Orange County and in schools with a disproportionately high percentage of students eligible for the federal free and reduced meal program, a reliable indicator of poverty. For more information, please contact as at: 949.874.7701 or info@mykidhealthy.org

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