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Physical activity is any type of purposeful body and muscle movement; it does not require equipment or even a lot of space. PA can be done in many places: home, school, or work. It can be part of your transportation – like walking to work, school or the market; part of your free time – like playing at the park or walking around your neighborhood. If you are a beginner it’s important to start slow and work your way up to more intense activity.

The benefits of physical activity are many including: better health, stronger muscles and bones, increased concentration, a more positive attitude, improved self image and confidence.

The Center for Disease Control recommends that we get 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

Join us as we learn a new activity each month and be sure to check out some of our previous activities too.

Physical Activity of the Month

Farmers and Lumberjacks

Equipment Needed:
• Cones (15-25)

Set up:
• Mark off a large boundary area
• Spread cones out inside large area

Rules to Play:
• Split children into two groups: farmers and lumberjacks
• Pretend the cones are trees. Lumberjacks want to chop down trees, so they want cones down. Farmers want to grow trees, so they want cones up
• Children will space out inside boundary area
• Call “1-2-3-GO!”
• Children will run around knocking down cones or placing them back upright
• Children are to only use one hand to knock down cones, and only pick up cones with one hand. No kicking cones over. Do not block cones. Children must be moving around knocking down and picking up cones at all times.
• If at any point all cones are down (lumberjacks) or up (farmers) call “FREEZE” and that team must do 10 jumping jacks, or any exercise of your choice

Game provided by: Crossfit Kids